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The picture is clear…The mystery is revealed…We know why we were put on earth but do we accept the facts? What does it mean to glorify God in all you do? How can you do that and live your life too?

For me part of the understanding was to realize that my work was not what I was programmed at birth to do, be in the family business, but it was what is constantly in my mind, the eagerness to help people i.e. strangers, friends and anyone in need. My calling, and it is indeed a calling, is to be a philanthropist and a connector of people to information and to other people. When you see your calling as regular as putting on your shoes you begin to realize the task is not so hard and the hill is not so steep. Yet you can’t help but run into the world’s view. How much money are you making? What do you mean it is better to give than receive? If you are a management consultant for nonprofits and you give information away free your information then what you offer must not be worth much huh! Yet I am reminded that what Jesus gave away was free too to those who would ask and seek him. Yet one can’t deny the internal struggles or the need to seek acceptance and to feel valued.

I love my work and it truly is excited to have the ability to turn on my computer and connect with people on a global basis asking me questions concerning nonprofit issues and me having the tools and ability to find the answers they need. Unfortunately, people don’t value free information and getting paid still has a value attachment because society is based on money not on the greater good.

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