The mission of Andinet North America Association of Support Organization is to reform the political processes of Ethiopia with the goal of creating better access and representation in the political process exclusive, unrepresentative, and failed to reflect the diversity of all Ethiopians. To provide forum for Andinet North America Association of Support Organization members in augmenting Andinet's mission of building a united democratic Ethiopia. To initiate and coordinate projects that could be jointly undertaken by member organizations for maximum impact, cost saving, and experience sharing. To disseminate materials and information which have bearing on Ethiopia, ANAASO members and the Ethiopian Diaspora and to promote emulation by popularizing member activities. The vision of Andinet North America Association of Support Organization is to see a country in which, its people are united on the basis of equality and mutual respect; in which the people work together to extricate themselves from poverty and backwardness; to see Ethiopia as a country in which the human and democratic rights of its citizens are fully respected; to see Ethiopia having a leadership that works in a spirit of responsibility accountability and on the basis of fulfilling the demands of the people, and to see a country endowed with good governance that operates at all levels in a system of openness and democracy.

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