Title - scanned, flaccid pictures of male genitalia, flaccid and funny


Nobscan was set up during September 2000 after its three-strong UK team, led by the mysterious Nobba, saw Cliffy B's and thought "wouldn't it be funny to do that with penises".

Within days of the site going live, word about it had spread. A category editor at Yahoo! kindly placed a link to Nobscan in the "images of men" category, which drove considerable amounts of traffic from the start.

Attracting upwards of 35K visitors monthly, Nobscan has always been naturally viral in nature, with people telling her friends about the scans. In general, reaction to the site and its contents has been favourable, with only a few people professing disgust at the flaccid, decorated members (and one girl, head in hands, moaning that she couldn't cope).

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