Network Weaver Conference Calls/30 June 2007 Minutes

We're in alpha, (not done yet). Please help fix it up.

Vice president of human network, social networking and social network analysis with investors, business’, non-profits, alumni, community groups. Learning a lot around bookkeeping and doing records.

Ted and Habib had an intention of an alpha test for the directory and ended up with the test of the entire network idea. Just about

  • Purpose driven networking.
  • Providing resources to people to do their networking in various spheres
  • A tool for facilitating our own purpose
  • A distributive network (connect with other sites as well as AboutUs)

Fundamental shift in the focus of the network. We are in a place of experimentation and using the term of network weavers and one place at to point to all of these experiments. There are different spheres where networking can take place, locally, across purpose, local/global (combination).

We are coming up with a multidimensional Networking Weaving model that includes networking that is:

  • Technique or skill base (ie: June Holly – social analysis techniques)
  • Place based
  • Purpose based
  • Organization based (ie: Sierra Club)
  • Social Networking site based (ie:, Wiser and so forth)

Next Steps:

  • Set up a network weavers site on various sites
  • Start working on specific projects with different weavers (ie: David’s project and developing a support network for his project and use it as a model for local-driven network weaving – and – support Daniel’s project which purpose driven project – tutor/mentoring young people)

Spherical value flow (put in effort and get value out).

We are developing network of people that are doing different work across multiple dimensions of weavers so that there is spherical value that can be distributed across a diversity of network work. Networking between multiple dimensions of expertise.

Internode work -- connecting things from small scale experiments in particular to the general or the general to the particular.

We are in the process in developing a targeting currency node, coaching, Oguild, network weavers network nodes. Experiments – Some weavers need support such as Katchina who can hook up with the targeted currency network -- facilitating the flow of resources between specific geographic locations (working on a pilot in SF, Kachina could help launch the SF project and #2) enable the flow of currencies

Platform developed to do on-line coaching. Perhaps it could be created by a member of Oguild. Imagine that a member OGuild need support in their career, need some guidance and coaching from the coach. 3 way – someone in the OGuild who has a need for the coach, someone in the network weaver net introduces them.

Not support individual node but the interconnection between the node. Might come in the form of a paid council of representatives from each node to work together – they get paid to work together to figure out how to –

Community asset ownership of a community software space that has value based on how many people use it. Every existing org in my community has a need to have more eyeballs to see what they do. Talk to other orgs to talk to others about what they can do to make our community a better place to live. Some orgs already have a constituency

Follow up

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