Nonprofit dedicated to protecting the health of planet Earth

Sierra Club: Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet is a comprehensive website offering information for the environmental activist as well as the casual outdoor enthusiast.

Founded in 1892, the Sierra Club is the United States' oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization. offers ways to connect with online environmental communities and subscribe to the Sierra Club newsletter. Site visitors can search for a hiking trail or find out about organized outings in their area. The site also offers information on the history of the Sierra Club and its founder, John Muir.

Concerned about global warming and other environmental issues? Sierra Club offers action opportunities

Learn about Sierra Club's environmental initiatives and find out how you can get involved. The club's Climate Recovery Agenda is designed to:

  • Help reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050
  • Reduce American dependence on oil produced in other countries
  • Build a clean-energy economy
  • Protect our environment and communities from the effects of global warming

Want to do something about BP's 2010 Gulf Coast oil leak? Sierra Club offers updates and appropriate actions on the oil spill.

Many other environmental issues can also use the support of concerned citizens. Sierra Club makes it easy to take action on any environmental issue that you care about. You can sign a petition and send an online appeal to your Congressional representatives at

Sierra Club gets support from its members

Sierra Club gets lots of volunteer support, and also encourages people to join. Membership fees help pay for lobbying efforts and environmental education programs.

Book a Green Vacation With

Volunteers lead hundreds of outings each year in the United States and abroad. Activities include hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and more.

Want to go on vacation while helping to preserve the environment? You can volunteer to build and maintain trails, repair a meadow, help archaeologists or eradicate non-native vegetation from wild land.




Sierra Club National Headquarters
85 Second Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105



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