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After two year of experimenting, NetNam were founded in 1994 by the Institute of Information Technology, the main pioneer of Internet in Vietnam. It’s main goal is to promote research, academic and development assistance community and Vietnamese grassroots in networking and information sharing by using sustainable technologies.

NetNam have been being built based on modern self-sustainable networking technologies with open and standard based architecture. It is heterogeneous, multivendored to ensure maximum connectivity to the other networks in the country and around the world. Different networking protocols have been researched and deployed (via LAN, leased lines, PSTN lines, wireless) to provide easy, affordable access to the system. Main hubs of Netnam are in Hanoi and Hochiminh City.

At first, NetNam provided E-mail and other Bulletin Board System services to customers. Other Internet services (WWW, FTP, Telnet, etc.) were not available until the Vietnam Internet Day, November 19 1997.


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