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What Is NIH?

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NIH stands for the National Institutes of Health that is directly linked to the US Department of Health and Human Services. NIH is the primary agency in the US that does and supports medical research. The NIH website contains valuable data for all people interested in health and research related issues.

In The News

This section contains the latest info on grants programs as well as on research and funding. There are press releases as well as e-columns in this section that are worthwhile reading.

Medical Research Issues

This is a feature for specialists, but the broad public might be interested in these hot issues as well. The research results for the public section of this part contains useful fact sheets listed alphabetically on numerous common diseases.

Health Information

Find A-Z information on health topics. Enter one letter and there will be several listed diseases and conditions. Click on one and you will be presented with info on that particular disease as well as related topics. You are most likely to find symptoms, causes and lots more on each possible disease.

You can browse through categories: Body Location, Systems, Conditions and Diseases or Health and Wellness. There are also related links that will lead to health newsletters, health databases, health hotlines and Federal health agencies. On the left hand side of this section there are quick links to top searches.

Grants And Funding Opportunities

Are you interested in obtaining a grant or a funding program? Check out this section that contains all sorts of programs and initiatives. You might get an advantageous loan, research training or career opportunities.

News And Events

Learn what is happening in this field. Check out podcasts, videos, news and the upcoming events.

Research Training And Scientific Resources

This is the very place to look for research and training opportunities. The In the Lab section offers you the newest test results plus access to all sorts of database. For those interested in Computational biology, there is an entire section with valuable info and links.

NIH Institutes and Centers

Under this heading, you will be able to look into all the individual organizations that compose the NIH.

Do You Want More?

On the left hand side of the main page there are questions and answers that is a very well organized page. Check out the jobs in NIH in case you are in the field or simply read some visitor information. If you are a NIH fan, there’s good news for you. This website provides NIH radio podcasts.

NIH is a complex website that contains lots of info on health, research and human services. The site is easy to use, the sections are displayed in a logical order, and each page contains further links to health related issues and info.

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