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MuPAD is a mathematical expert system for doing symbolic and exact algebraic computations as well as numerical calculations with almost arbitrary accuracy. For example, the number of significant digits can be chosen freely. Apart from a vast variety of mathematical libraries the system provides tools for high quality visualization of 2- and 3-dimensional objects.

On Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux systems, MuPAD offers a flexible notebook concept for creating mathematical documents combining texts, graphics, formulas, computations and mathematical visualizations and animations. On Microsoft Windows MuPAD further supports the technologies OLE, ActiveX Automation, DCOM, RTF and HTML. Thus it offers a natural integration in Office applications like Word or PowerPoint as well as others.

MuPAD is a computer algebra system originally developed by the MuPAD Research Group under direction of Prof. Benno Fuchssteiner at the University of Paderborn (Germany).

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