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Founded in 2000, Math Fact Cafe provides math fact sheets and flashcards for parents and teachers. The focus of our site is on the elementary grades, K-5. Our site allows visitors to access hundreds of pre-generated math sheets or create custom sheets to meet a child's specific needs. In addition, interactive flashcards allow visitors to review flashcard problems with the choice of simple card flipping or mandatory input (visitor must enter answers and is graded on correct answers).

Math Fact Cafe, in order to effectively reach and educate as many visitors as possible, provides a large portion of its services free of charge.

All materials, including worksheets, flashcards, and generated HTML on the Math Fact Cafe web site are copyrighted. They may not be added to any other server without written permission from Math Fact Cafe or its subsidiary companies. The worksheets may not be re-distributed and/or stored on other servers in HTML, PDF, or other electronics means.

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1+99=100 100+0=100 200+1=300 122+0=123 500+1=600 800-0=800 119+2=121 1+6=7 1+1=219+0=19 9000-0=9000 13+1=13 45+0=45 12+0=12 0+0=0 5+1=60+7=7

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