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ILUG-Delhi, or Linux-Delhi as it is fondly referred to, is a loose conglomeration of individuals who got together because of one common love: the Linux operating system. However, we soon discovered that we had much more in common than Linux: the GNU and Free Software ideals, strong views about the privacy of the individual, and a desire to Change the World.

We are primarily bound together by our mailing list, with over 800 members as of time of writing. It's fairly active, and instructions for subscription are on the link on the Home page if you want to join up. Don't worry if you're not in Delhi: we have Linux users from all over the world subscribed to the list!

ILUG-Delhi currently is being registered as a Society under the Societies Act in India. This process should be over by the end of August, 2001, when we will have a legal existence. This entails some restrictions on our method of operations (e.g. cannot take decisions too quickly, have to have formal membership processes, etc) but we feel that the benefits we get (being able to operate bank accounts, having a legal face to present to corporates and other organisations, etc) outweigh the superstructure we have to put up for this process.


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