Linking off of AboutUs is limited to linking from the website profile page to the site being described. Example, you could link to from the website profile page Any other external links should be internal WikiLinks to the website profile page, and then external link to that website.

The exception to this is social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. - and news articles, etc.

Internal Linking

By nature, Wikis support rich internal linking, also known as Automagical Linking or WikiLinking.
The Related Domains area of each domain page uses this internal linking idea to create a system that allows users to discover related sites within the database. Ideally, each domain page will have somewhere between a few and no more than 30 related links.
If you have a site that is related to a given topic, feel free to add some related links from other site pages to your page. Please don't over do it, however. If you're adding more than 30 such links or are putting up links on very popular and unrelated sites, then it will look like spam to us. In addition, linking from a high profile site is questionable.
To link internally
While editing a wiki page, place double square brackets around the AboutUs page name and the description text you wish to become a link. Be sure to separate them with a vertical bar. This: recent changes will appear as recent changes.

Link Spam

When a page is loaded with links to outside pages that have no correlation or links that still have html tags around them, we view this as link spam. These are subject to deletion.

Category Spam

When someone creates a bunch of categories and adds their external links to the category. This is a bit of work to clean up and should be stopped as soon as seen. Try to always AssumeGoodFaith and request the person read this guide.

Misleading Naming

Please do not add links (internal or external) with titles that purport to be something else.


Allow comfortable navigation and maintaining of internal and external Wiki-contributions. It should go without saying that a link to an external (wiki-) page should be linked back for fairness.

<a href="/WikiLink" title="WikiLink">WikiLink</a>

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