SEO Mistakes Even Experienced Web Designers Make

By Michael Cottam

Build search optimization into your site

Even really good web designers can make structural, coding or design decisions that pose real problems for search engines. There’s so much detail involved in website creation, sometimes a design decision that’s great for users can have a big, unintended negative effect on your search rankings. It’s a real loss to your business if your beautiful and very usable website doesn’t get customers coming to it from the search engines.

If you launch a newly redesigned site that includes a critical SEO mistake, you’ll probably know immediately, because your traffic will plummet. But if your site is brand new, or it’s been essentially the same for some time, it’s quite possible you could have one or more of the problems discussed in the articles below. If your site does have one of these SEO issues, there won’t be anything very dramatic going on – your site simply won’t rank as well as it could.

Read about these common SEO mistakes – and what to do about them – and make sure your site is fully visible to search engines.

Multiple Subdomains: Creating subdomains such as or can interfere with good search engine optimization, making it harder for a website to rank well in search results.

Twin Home Pages: It’s common for people to create two identical versions of their site’s home page – one at and another at This practice can make a site less visible to search engines, resulting in fewer visits from customers.

Shared Page Titles: Every page of a website should have its own unique title that tells search engines – and people – what it’s about.

Link Juice: Save Every Drop: When you rewrite the URLs of your web pages as part of a site redesign, you could be breaking valuable links that send people to your site. Here’s how to find and fix those links.

Don’t Block Search Engine Crawlers: Blocking search engines from crawling your important web pages means those pages won’t show up high in search. Make sure you don’t accidentally do this to your site.

Flashy Websites Can Be Too Hot for Bots: Website designers employ technologies like Flash, JavaScript, Ajax, and Silverlight to make their sites attractive, fast, and easy-to-use. But these technologies can create problems when it comes to engine optimization (SEO). Learn how to avoid these SEO issues.

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