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Point and click landing page setup

Maybe you've seen our article on how to create a landing page for first-time visitors to your company's Facebook page, How To Create a Facebook Landing Page, and were dismayed to find you needed HTML to create that page.
Don't despair! You can create a Facebook landing page for new visitors even if you don't know HTML. Here's our step-by-step guide.

1. Sign in to Pagemodo.


2. Start a new page.


3. Pick the template you like - you have 17 choices.


4. After you select the template, you will need to customize it.


5. Fill in all the fields you want.

Don't worry about styling on your first pass - just concentrate on what you want to say. Make sure you add a link to every section - headline, description, images - and send people where you want them to go - to a sales page, for example.


6. Save your work by clicking the small Save for Later button.

Don't click the big Buy & Install button yet. If you do, you'll be purchasing the Pro version of Pagemodo, at $13.25 per month.


7. Scroll back up to the Subscription box.

You can choose the Free option here. Once you do, you'll see a button that says simply Install, rather than the Buy & Install button you saw before.


8. REMEMBER, your landing page is for new visitors only.

The landing page you've just created will be seen ONLY by people who haven't already liked your Facebook page. Test it by signing out of Facebook and navigating back to your Facebook page. You should see your new landing page. You will NOT see it when you're signed in.

Think about what you want people to see if they're new to your Facebook page. They don't know what your page is about, or what your company does. You also need about what you want people to do when they first come to your Facebook page - like it? Sign up for your email newsletter? Go to your site and buy something?

To read more about creating a great landing page, read The Importance of a Landing Page.

See some great examples of Facebook landing pages in our article, A Facebook Landing Page Engages New Visitors.

Tested at AboutUs


It took me a few hours to set up the Facebook landing page for AboutUs, using Pagemodo. Since I don't know how to code in HTML, I felt like I was using a really powerful tool - it enabled me to do something that was previously off limits.

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