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About me

Kachina Katrina* is an extraordinary organizer, community builder, event planner/ greener, consultant for organizational development, and an educator.

This Fall Katrina will be starting grad school for a Masters in Psychology with a focus in Organizational Development at Sonoma State University. She wants to work more creating systemic and strategic change by working with the city government and community building. Katrina is well on her way as she is on the steering committee of the HOPE Collaborative in Oakland, CA a food and fitness initiative sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. A wide spectrum of organizations, institutions (Convened by Alameda Public Health and Food bank) and community residents formed HOPE to improve health and quality of life by transforming the food and fitness environments in neighborhoods suffering the most from health disparities. HOPE Collaborative stands for: Health for Oakland's People and the Environment. There are 4 action teams: 1. Built Environment, Kachina is co-chair along with Oakland city planner David Ralston 2. Food Systems 3, Family and Youth Services 4. Sustainable Economics you can learn more at: www.OaklandFoodandFitness.net

Kachina is currently creating a community organizers tool kit for inspired people who want to do something about the problems in this world, and don't know where to start, this kit outlines specific practices and resources for local solutions. Kachina needs a publisher for this if you know of any resources, as she has plenty of outlet potentials.

A natural problem solver, Kachina creates experiences where people can shine and highlight areas of improvement through simple solutions that makes transitions easy. She has worked in various capacities from business infrastructure formation to volunteer coordination for various projects and events. She has been heavily involved in community endeavors since she was young as well as event and theater production.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? KATRINA means purity, and KACHINA is from the Hopi Indians, a deity that comes down and shares wisdom and joy through story telling and dance, much like a jester, yet Kachina's come when it is necessary and there is something to share, like a prophecy.

As a grass-roots organizer, deeply rooted in any community she joins and works with, Kachina Katrina* synchronizes with the indigenous heart beat and inspires people to achieve more. She has a gentle push that motivates people from deep inside. She loves to be involved in progressive communities that facilitate systemic change. Kachina Katrina* has been referred to as a master networker, connecting broad spectrum's of people together through important issues and innovative solutions. She has learned and practiced community building sharpening organizing skills with the City Repair project in Portland, OR since 1999, becoming their national outreach coordinator.

This woman has been referred to as Kachina da greena* for her continuous spark in [| Greening Burning Man],and many other events and activities, camping at the Entheon Village, a place to explore the divine within. She has a green thumb and is a west coast babe who is highly involved in localization movements, and contributes to the core of many emerging sustainable solutions for creating a healthy planet for the year 2020. This real live Kachina shares wisdom and beauty through joy, dance, story, and expression.

Look for articles, updates, blogs and more through the Sierra Club 2008 July/ Aug edition, on AboutUs, Reality Sandwich, and Tribe.net page] and a few more popping up.


  • Kachina Katrina coordinates events and lead on connecting community based organizations together for the Urban Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) in San Francisco, CA. UAS seeks to integrate and inspire the sustainability movement in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.She is currently mapping the ecology of the sustainable movement in the Bay Area, and with this information will be creating alliances for the work to be strengthened by people working together more on issues they care about, a solution from a fragmented system. This project is sponsored by the Craigs List Foundation and the Environmental Non-Profit Network of 650 organizations she is in touch with.

  • Katrina just attended a workshop in Evolutionary Leadership in Sustainability with Syntony Quest and happy to share those skills in with the network weavers and community leaders abound!!

  • Kachina Katrina has been on the event coordination team at the Green City Gallery in Berkeley, CA, a venue celebrating the emerging field of ecologically responsible designs. She has used her network to bring together valuable fields of information through impactful organizations and issues with community sustainability design workshops with the City of [|Berkeley's Measure G]initiative to decrease green house gasses in the next 50 years, soliciting community input. She combined those efforts with participants mapping the problems and solutions using transit maps, bike maps, and Green Maps whose system energizes a diverse global movement of mapmaking teams charting their community's natural, cultural and green living resources with our award-winning universal icons and adaptable multi-lingual resources. To broaden the scope she brought in Bay Localize to bring in tools and models that area groups and municipal governments can implement in their own locales to bring the production of food, energy, and essential goods and services closer to home.

  • Kachina Katrina is the Speakers Coordinator for Earth Dance International in the Bay area and facilitated the indigenous elders council this past fall, 2007.

  • Kachina is greening the hardware industry with Plan-it Hardware, a green products distributor for the home and garden that works with local hardware stores in California and connecting the dots in-between. This fall she is coordinating a "Toxic Awareness" campaign in the communities surrounding the retailers of these greener products to promote living in a cleaner environment at home and the local area. Picture this: Map
  • Kachina Katrina was the associate producer with Michael Gosney on the Digital Be-IN, a celebratory event that begins with a two-hour, multidisciplinary exploration of Biomimicry as it relates to information and social networks, economics, education, green tech, urban development, bioregionalism, and the worldwide “movement without a name” combining social justice and sustainability at this critical juncture in human evolution, then heads into music into the night with activation zones through out the venue.

  • Kachina was working with James Kalin, a green developer on turning a mobile home park into an eco village in Napa Valley, as the community organizer. They are using a high gross agricultural techniques called spin farming and will be transferring these practices to the East Bay in CA to bring healthier food to the people that need it.

  • Kachina Katrina's newly developed community organizers tool kit is in evaluation process right now and will be available Fall 2008 for inspired people who want to do something about the problems in this world, and don't know where to start, this kit outlines specific practices and resources for local solutions and active citizenship!! Empowerment Works will be using some of the tools to add to their programs and partnerships, and there are plenty of placed-based programs ripe for this community organizers toolkit, Kachina is happy to share this kit and have this be utilized.

  • Kachina has a focus on localization, utilizing the resources in a community of place, and connected to the Post Carbon institute and the Livability Project. She see's this as a solution to the world's problem with oil, to connect people beck to the land and resources for healthier living with less of a carbon footprint. Her community organizers toolkit has resources for the re-localization endeavors.

  • Kachina da greena has become an instigator in greening events such as Burning Man and is currently the volunteer coordinator for the green team at this large-scale festival in late Aug. This is a Leave No Trace Event, and seeks not only to minimize the impact in the desert but also to understand our impact beyond its boundaries. She created a camp to amplify this effort, called the Evolutionary Center merging with Entheon Village this year for the Green Man theme.

  • Katrina will be working with the Biomimicry Institute this summer to amplify the Nature’s 100 Best Technologies, along with the Zeri Institute Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges using nature's design principles as inspiration.

  • Kachina is starting grad school in organizational development with a focus on sustainability, appreciative inquiry, and policy for community endeavors. She sees this as an opportunity to support the movements to create a healthier world through her skills of organization and utilizing resources to be more effective in your practice.

Katrina is a sought after magician and happy to participate in experiences where she can be of the most service spreading her positive message of love and transformation.

There's a lot happening now that we're all connecting ;)

Love the life you live and live the life you love~ share it with others. Cheers to community!!

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