JumpOffTheLadder.com helps you start a business or website or just get a better job.

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JumpOffTheLadder.com is blog written by Carl Mueller to help you jump off the corporate ladder and become your own boss. Whether it's a web-based business or more traditional bricks and mortar business, we'll discuss hints, tips, resources and options to help you take the next step in your career - wherever you might be in your career now - to help you achieve happiness and independence. It's never too late to escape the rat race!

We’ll discuss why it’s not too late to take a different direction in your career either on a full-time basis or part time. No one said that you have to quit your job to start up a business on the side if that idea doesn’t make you comfortable.

Certainly your personal situation and personality might dictate which route you choose but to start with, setting up a business on the side might help to fulfill something in your life that is missing, make your life better and offer you opportunities didn’t otherwise exist when you were solely working for someone else.

Among other things, topics that are discussed include:

  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Using social media
  • How to build a website
  • How to build traffic to your website
  • World trends - offline and online
  • Options for making money
  • Where to find useful advice

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