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About Find Your Dream Career

Find your dream career by avoiding common mistakes that can cost you jobs. Carl Mueller, a professional recruiter, helps you properly manage your job search and career for the long term.

The website can help you find a better job by improving your resume, performing better in interviews, understanding the importance of reference checks and by learning how to avoid making mistakes that cost you jobs.

I started to work as a professional recruiter in 2000 first as an Information Technology (IT) recruiter and then in general recruitment across many industries including IT, manufacturing and marketing. Since this time, I have helped many people find their dream career and it's a great feeling.

I experienced one of the slowest hiring periods in recent memory especially during the general hiring slowdown that followed the Y2K frenzy in 1999, the bursting of the dot com bubble in early 2000, and then the employment market bottoming out following September 11, 2001. These were certainly not great times to be a job searcher in most industries nor was it a particularly good time to be a recruiter.

In terms of my background, here is a bit more about me to help you understand my experience and skills related to the topic of career management:

  • I know what it’s like to work internationally, having worked overseas (in New Zealand, from 1994-1998).
  • I've survived several corporate downsizings while many of my colleagues were being laid off.
  • I have also experienced being laid off twice myself during corporate downsizings.
  • I know what it’s like to be self-employed.

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