What is InfluenceUs?

Similar to reviews, AboutUs' InfluenceUs wizard provides a way to engage and influence companies and organizations with your feedback and suggestions.

With your InfluenceUs comment on their website's domain page you are sharing your experience with others and letting them know how they can improve and/or what they're already doing right.

For example: I am delighted that this company has taken steps to improve their support system by issuing customers a tracking system to follow up their complaints. I would like them to do the same for the suggestions area so we can be notified when they take us up on our feedback.

How can you use InfluenceUs


InfluenceUs can be used for all companies/organizations with a website. It's very simple to use. Just go through the following steps.

  1. Visit the AboutUs page for the company you want to influence (Type the domain above and click "Find!")
  2. Click the InfluenceUs button on top of the page as shown in the picture above. (Make sure you are logged in)
  3. Click "Next" in the Dialog box
  4. Select the relevant option (Delighted or Frustrated)
  5. Type your constructive feedback and press "Submit"

Note to InfluenceUs-ers

We ask that you leave your feedback (delighted or frustrated) in a constructive manner with a view of helping the organization to move towards improvement. ( isn't a place to throw eggs.) So if you are happy with somebody, you would want to reinforce that by asking them to do more of it. And if you feel that something needs to change with a business, you would want to highlight that by telling them steps you would like them to take to improve.

Note to website operators

InfluenceUs is an exciting tool for customers to share their delighted or frustrated comments about companies. If you are the owner of a website or company, please edit your wiki page's description, additional information, contact, add links, upload images, but we ask that you refrain from using the InfluenceUs tool on your own wiki page(s) other than responding to feedback. Thank you.

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