What if you have been Influenced

We all love feedback. It helps us reassure that what we are doing is making a difference and that the product or service that we offered is meeting its goal. Replying to such feedback on a neutral platform like AboutUs is always great because it enhances your credibility to be an open, transparent organization that wants to engage and address the concerns of it's clients. If you have received an InfluenceUs comment on AboutUs and are wondering about how to tackle it, here are a few tips.

  1. How to Reply: Right next to an InfluenceUs comment on your organization's page, you will find a reply button. Click the button and respond to the comment. (Make sure you logged in.) (Why create an account?)
  2. Real Name: Using real name while responding to InfluenceUs comments, is preferable because inspires confidence and trust. (See Category:IPreferRealPeople)
  3. Negative Feedback: While it's encouraging to have positive feedback from your clients, it's important to note that negative feedback is sometimes even more useful. Find out why.

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