ImageFapgif.gif is free hosting provider where you can earn dollars by providing your images. Each and every member of earns some cash whenever any third person visits his gallery or images. So anyone can create an account at and create his own gallery which he can share with his friends, family and various other people around the globe. is one of the best sites on the internet that pays you for the images you post. Every imageview results in some cash to the provider of the image. The members are free to decide when, where and how they would like to get paid. But the amount can be withdrawn only when the lump sum payment exceeds 5 dollars. Thus it is one the best sources on earth to earn some money as it does not charges anything from the members for hosting their images and also makes them payment according to the number of visits made by other people to their images. allows traffic from all countries in the world. However any promotion through spam or bots is not condoned. If any of the members are found to violate the terms of the site, their accounts can be seized and their earnings can be forfeited by

Members can even post adult content but they must have the right to do so and also such content should be posted in the “adult” section. The earnings made by the members depend upon the number of visits to their images as well as the source from where all such traffic is coming from. Generally if more of the western users visit the images, the total earnings of a member can be higher. On an average a member can expect 1 dollar for every 9000 views to his image.

At present has two ways to make payments to the members, Either through E-Gold or through ePassporte. However if payments are big like a payment more than 500 dollars, payments can be made through wire transactions or checks. takes around 3 business days to process each payment. puts no restriction on the number of images a member can post or the number of galleries he can create. However a member must consider if he has a gallery with 1000 odd images and the visits to that gallery are quite low.

Members are prohibited to post any zoophiles or pedophiliac content on For example images depicting people less than 18 years of age acting as models or getting engaged in sexual situations. Any image that infringes the copyrights of any third party is also prohibited. For example any image for which the member does not have the right to distribute or the right to use it without the prior approval of its owner.

If a member uploads any of the above mentioned content, his account will be terminated immediately and all the money in his account would be forfeited. also has the right to work with specific authorities to know about members’ contact details and other information in case of a default.

If any user who visits the site finds any infringement, he can report that image or gallery as abuse by clicking the abuse link found at the bottom of every page. Here are some more interesting facts regarding

The traffic rank for is 275 and its speed is slow as it takes about 8.7 seconds to open on an average. About 1124 other sites are linked to was registered on 4th February 2006.




Community Reviews

They suck

Imagefap has to be the worst imagehost ever, speaking from a normal surfers stand point. They offer their users a bad payrate & tell them to get traffic from certain countries. All that has caused many of their "uncontrolable" users to "spam" many sites in an attempt to gain traffic to their pictures. Their users do not care if they are posting pics over and over or if the pictures they are sharing are even larger than a fly. Then on top of all this, the imagefap site itself decides to throw 3 pop ups/unders at the surfers (one of which cannot be closed b/c it goes full screen). This host (as the title says) sucks!

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 23, 2007, 4:04 am

Great material - be prepared though

Use Firefox, disable popups, allow javascript, dispose of cookies and all history and cache when closing Firefox et voila! Great fappin' material.

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 29, 2007, 6:27 pm

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