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Founded in November, 2003, provides a user-friendly interface for image hosting. It is powered by highly reliable Linux server network. Around 2% of internet users visit this site everyday on an average. The servers have an uptime of 99.9946% and are highly reliable. Average page views per user are nearly 3%. There is no bandwidth limit for the users, but allows each image 100 megabytes of transfer per hour. Further, the no registration policy makes it easily accessible attracting millions of user everyday, increasing the popularity of the site even further. One doesn’t require to signup for availing the services of this website, but registration is recommended for easy management of images. Recently, forums have been added to make it even more attractive to the users.

Features and Content

Online Photo Sharing Made Easy

To upload photos on the website for sharing with their friends and family members, users are needed to upload the image file in the file selection field located on the main page of the website. The great thing about is that almost all types of image file formats are accepted by the website like GIF, JPEG, PNG, SWF(flash), BMP, and TIFF (images in BMP and TIFF formats are automatically converted to PNG format, although JPEG compression is not supported). The user is then redirected to a page where the image file has been uploaded. It contains different adaptations of URLs for the uploaded file. The URLs are in HTML and Bulletin Board Code, which can later be used on websites, blogs, message boards, and even on websites or for online auction like eBay. One can also use the slideshow option to quickly browse through the pictures after uploading the pictures. Frequent users can also organize their pictures by setting up galleries. The galleries have features like guestbook and ratings, where people can leave a feedback about the image and also rate it. All these features are provided to users absolutely free.

Store you images forever

If a user uploading a file abuses the terms and conditions of ImageShack, the file will be removed from the server immediately and could also result in account being closed. Otherwise, images can be stored for forever. -- 14:30, 8 September 2007 (PDT)poilyuiyui

Better Security

The information about the thumbnail links, provided after uploading an image file, is limited to the owner of the image only file to maintain strict privacy control. Also, the site has clear policy that no pornographic material must be uploaded or exchanged at any cost through the site. But some hackers do post inappropriate pictures. And they do it so smartly that even if the pictures are reported as offensive it generates an error message.


Sometimes upload speed is very slow. There is a limitation on the size of the files. They must not be larger than 1.5 MB (previously it was only 1 MB) and one must retain their cookies in their browser for future access of their account as there is no “log-in” option. If, by mistake the cookies are cleared, re-registration is required using the same e-mail address used before so as to get a new activation link.

ImageShack allows each image 100 megabytes of transfer per hour. If an image exceeds this amount, it will be rendered inaccessible.




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