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ADP-Investor Communication Services


Investor Communication Services is a division of Automatic Data Processing (ADP), and is part of ADP's Brokerage Services Group. ADP ICS commenced operations in 1989 and is the fastest growing business unit in ADP's 50-year history. ADP ICS is headquartered in a 430,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Long Island, and also has operations in New York City, Massachusetts and Canada. The business was cultivated by its founders Richard Daly and Charles Weber and has grown steadily, primarily through internal growth as well as acquisition.

ADP ICS is a link to the investors of virtually every public company in North America. We distribute quarterly reports, interim reports, news reports, corporate announcements, prospectuses, brokerage statements, proxies, dividend checks and a variety of other shareholder communications. Our clients include more than 800 banks and brokerage firms, as well as over 400 mutual fund families and we service over 14,000 public corporations.

ADP ICS is ISO 9002 certified (an international standard for quality) and, accordingly, it is committed to continuous improvement and growth. The quality standards the company has established with our customers are so high that they significantly exceed the regulatory requirements which guide the financial services industry.

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