How to improve AboutUs pages is a guide to websites... and you can edit pages here!
To edit: create your free account (or sign in), locate a page by searching for the website (like, and click an edit link on that page.
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Here are some specific ways you can improve a website's page:

Write a unique description (in your own words)

Most pages start with a description that is an excerpt from the site, and replacing this with a unique description of the website can go a long way in improving a page.

A good description provides all of the information a reader may want to know before they go to the actual site or any missing information that they couldn't find on the website. In simple conversational words: What does the site offer? What's unique about this company or website?

Just click the "edit" button at the top on your domain page to start.


Some website pages start with Title, Description, and Additional Information section headers in the Wiki section, but a page can be made much better by changing and adding to these.

Try merging the Title and Description section and making it the business name or something catchier. learn more

Add a logo or photos

Adding a logo is easy with the built-in section at the top left.

Beyond that, adding other images as examples of your website, services or anything else related is a fabulous way to liven up the Wiki section of your site's AboutUs page. There are many possibilities, such as having your description wrap around the logo or a photo gallery with captions. learn more

Add/update contact info

Because contact information can go a long way in helping someone trust a website and it is often something that a person may have to dig for on the website itself we strongly encourage sites to provide contact information on their AboutUs Domain Page. (We automatically protect email addresses entered into that field, so there's no need to worry about spam.)

Add Relevant Categories

What are the main 5 or 10 things that the website is about? Add these as categories to the page to help sum up what the site is and to help people find the site when searching

A basic page



  • Email and we will review your edits and the website and make the page's links DoFollow to help promote your site if everything looks good.
  • To help your website's page on get indexed and show up in search results, you can link to it from your website. Feel free to use a normal link, or one of these image badges.

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