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The FILE - Hipersonica Festival is an event about sonic and visual productions (vjs, djs, electronic composition, sound poetry, radio art, sonic landscapes,...) that make use of the electronic and digital techno-mentality as much as the strategies of global networks. For sonic productions, we mean something that ranges from a recording of a mere conversation to complex sound productions on the field of classical electronic music. However, the very notion of music is itself more and more in check. Similar to supersonic planes that break the sound barrier through a needle nose, hypersonority intends to break the bubble of music and image, in order to synergize one to the other afterwards. Hypersonority has then a wider extension and a not less digital intension, hence refering to hypermedia and hypertexts. It`s a velocity that surpasses limits, that surpasses barriers; a transcoding transversality that arises in moments of peak, or abyssal fall. One can urdestand Hipersonica not only as a name, a brand, but as an intensity and a performance, as well as a new mentality that must strategically cover all the deconstrutivist and potentializing tactics. It is about facing hypersonority as something open and experimental. It's exactly this experimental character that will make possible a more strict connection between the pop world of mass culture and the high brow world (closed in academic ghettoes), between the world of images and the world of sonorities. One may ask, then, about the connections mediated by technology and digitality, between the various kinetic forms of images and of the sonority, as well as between pop productions free from the cultural industry's logic and the classical production free from the academic mentality. We believe that a third way is arising in digital culture. Before, the events linked to visual productions and events of sound productions were exhibited in a separated way: the museum, the gallery, the concert halls. The logic of autonomous worlds predominated. They were worlds set apart. They were tied to their own laws, their own codes. Hipersonica will search the heteroclit and the heteronomy. The great cultural soup where the meta-stable singularities will be able to arise free from any epiphanic or hylemorphic theory. Hipersonica intends to think the distinct contaminations, replications and possible connections between these worlds in order to change and enrich them, as much as the strategies and experiences of both can be exchanged and deepened mainly with respect to its development on digital culture. Visual networks, textual networks, sonic networks, where do they cross each other? To what extreme do they cut one another? To what extreme are the strategies of interaction and navigation affecting, for instance, the electronic sonority? Hipersonica wants to explore other landscapes: immersive landscapes; interactive landscapes; non-linear landscapes. It intends to be a becoming where transcoding sonorities will be able to take us to events still unheardable and undisplayable. The Hipersonica videos YouTube.com - [1].The Hipersonica photos: Flikr.com - hipersonica Hipersonica Journal

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