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Gratulation. You have found a social business innovation and are invited to participate in domain ownership, costs, development and gain in equal parts.

The author offers partnership in the spirit of G ExtremeOpenBusiness

We simply start with screenshots of the current domain portfolio, waiting for your contributions on the respective wiki pages here.

With your RealName based contributions (linked to this and your external communities) you show your skills and your GoodWill, that you are the right partner, to make our project a success.

The domain portfolio of the author is given as overlapping screenshots of his account at the registrar

It is presented in two views:

  • domains, sorted by names and
  • domains, sorted by expiration dates.


A portfolio (-provider) who offers

  • integrated BuyDomainButton
  • a free escrow service (trivial with IntraRegistrarTransfer)

New FridemarsPublicDomainPortfolio

Older image based portfolio publication


fridemar 20:15, 19 February 2009 (PST)


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