The following 4 screenshots show the OpenDomainPortfolio of the active community member fridemar. This portfolio resides currently (2008/06/04) at the DomainRegistrar The screenshots 1-4 serve different purposes at the same time:

  • as illustration, help and use-case for the open dialogue NameComGoogleApps
  • as free promotion for the business of
    • G the friendly host and wiki community
    • G the community friendly registrar'
    • G Fridemar an active community member of and beyond

a free promotion, that pays itself by wiki synergies.

Update Notice

Meanwhile the domain is sold for 100 US$ to Meatball:HansWobbe, as a PublicTransaction in Meatball:WikiBankOpenNegotion. As it is time-consuming to update the screenshot, I leave this update notice as a wiki-entry here. Besides that, I bilink both wiki pages.

To improve the efficiency of OpenDomainTransactions, I am considering to use in combination with WikiTables or ( GoogleApps ) Spreadsheets in the future. fridemar 14:47, 7 June 2008 (PDT)

FridemarOpenDomainPortfolioAtNameCom20080604-0007UtcPart1.png FridemarOpenDomainPortfolioAtNameCom20080604-0007UtcPart2.png FridemarOpenDomainPortfolioAtNameCom20080604-0007UtcPart3.png FridemarOpenDomainPortfolioAtNameCom20080604-0007UtcPart4.png


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