Dawn Foster

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Company: FastWonder

Position: Online Community and Social Media Consultant

About Dawn: Consultant, Community Manager, Event Organizer, Blogger, and Technology Enthusiast


  • Currently provides consulting services for companies wanting to engage with online communities through various social media technologies including discussion forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, and more. Consulting services also include community events, online community building, blogging strategy, RSS-based information monitoring, custom employee training sessions, and more.
  • Also currently the community evangelist for Shizzow and co-founder / chair of Legion of Tech
  • Has more than 13 years of experience in technology and software with expertise in open source software, web 2.0, blogging, and community building.
  • Previously, worked at Jive Software, Compiere, Intel, and a Midwestern manufacturing company in positions ranging from Unix system administrator to market researcher to open source strategist.


Contact info:

@geekygirldawn on Twitter

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