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What are my system requirements ?

You need a CVS or Subversion client installed. Any system, Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac that runs a client can be used. Here is a list of some clients that we recommend. As you can see there are plenty to choose from, you may already have a favorite, if not you may find this list useful. This list is by no means an exclusive list, if we have missed any clients that you might use, this does not mean it is not compatible with CVSDude. You can use any client that is compatible with the CVS or Subversion protocols.

What about security and backup ?

We consider your source code the most important code on our servers, because of this we run a redundant Hardware RAID 5 configuration on all our storage devices. To add to this we have a live backup to separate servers for all dynamic customer data and create weekly CD backups of all source repositories. Our server(s) are also hooked up to a UPS, via our provider ( in case of power failure.

Our servers sit behind a hardware firewall and each server also runs its own software firewall. No other CVSDude user can access any other CVSDude users source code so you can be sure that your code is secure and know that only you and your team members have access. To add to this, we are always on top of security alerts for any 3rd party software we run eg, CVS, Subverison, Bugzilla, etc.

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