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Since its launch in May 2004, Curbed has established itself as the center of the virtual conversation about real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Sales and rental prices, celebrity deals, new developments, amusing broker stories, hot restaurants, and the latest neighborhood gossip—it's all on Curbed. Updated a dozen or more times throughout the day, and liberally spiced with reporting and dish from readers, Curbed has become a daily fix for tens of thousands of NYC residents—and the most-trafficked neighborhood and real-estate weblog on the web.

Curbed relies on emails from readers, whose correspondence forms the lifeblood of the site. Anonymity will be assumed and protected. Reader tips can be emailed to When you email us, the correspondence become the property of Curbed and we reserve the right to print it as content at our discretion unless you specifically tell us otherwise up front. We try like hell to respond to every email, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Email again if you think we've ignored you unjustly.

Curbed gladly accepts advertising. All advertising on the site is always clearly noted as such and does not influence our editorial coverage. For more about advertising with Curbed, please see our advertising page.

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