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A message to potential abusers: YOU ARE NOT ANONYMOUS, despite the use of fake ID's. We maintain a database of all IP addresses associated with legitimate and fake ID's. Even if your IP address changes constantly, the time stamp is all we need to identify you. If criminal activity is involved, your Internet Service Provider must cooperate in your identification.

Channel 1 reserves the right to disable any user for any reason, some of which are listed here. This is not a complete list, but it does point out the most common abuses.

Profanity; gender, sexual-preference, religious, ethnic slurs; or unwelcome overtures of any kind to other chatters will not be tolerated. The friendly attitude in the Chathouse® will not be compromised. If you are being rude to other chatters, you may find yourself kicked out of the room and you will be reported to your domain administrator.

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