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Established in 1995, is a recognized leader in the online dating industry. It has spawned a global online community that also counts International and other affiliates that, when bunched together, operate over 30 dating sites in 18 languages throughout six continents.

Aside from its corporate headquarters in Dallas and London, also has offices in Boulder, Paris, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Tokyo and Beijing. The company employs over 800 people around the world.

How It Works

As defines it, their primary mission is “to take the lottery out of love.” In other words, instead of waiting for cupid to bring you and that special someone together in a chance elevator meeting, uses the power of the Internet to place your romantic destiny under your control. uses common personal factors such as age, interests, location and the like to match potential lovers together. Through so-called Portraits, members reveal their preferences and learn important things about their dates before they ever meet. They have a chance to size up their photographs as well. It's a tried and tested formula that, the website estimates, accounts for more than 250,000 marriages a year.

Special Features also offers specialized services to meet their members' diverse needs. These include the following programs:

  1. - For members who insist on privacy, does the searching and matching for them. It is based on a system developed by Dr. Helen Fisher, author of “Why We Love,” that takes into account much more than conventional personality tests.
  2. Matchfolio - Assigns a matchmaker to take charge of a member's romantic life, much like the way an accountant would take charge of his financial life.
  3. MindFindBind – A special online service developed around a dynamic three-part program by esteemed Dr. Phil that teaches members how to acquire the right frame of mind to find the person of their dreams.
  4. [MillionaireMatch] - High end dating services to date the very rich and wealthy, Millionaires, CEOs, angel investors, entrepreneurs, to name a few.



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