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I live in Pearl City and am a registered nurse employed to work the night shift at Hawai'i Medical Center West. My commute to work puts me in rush-hour traffic with those commuters who are on their way home from work. My route to work takes me off the H-1 and on to Fort Weaver RD followed by a right on Laulaunui, which is the only street access to the hospital. Consistently, I have noticed that commuters, in an effort to shave five or so minutes off their commute, turn right on Laulaunui then make a U-turn in the cul-de-sac, travel back to Fort Weaver RD and take a right back onto it. This practice has caused a gridlock of cars that blocks the hospital entrance. Not only does it make it difficult for those of us who are serving this community to get to work but it became its most frustrating this past Friday when I observed the ambulance, with it sirens on, attempting to get into the hospital via an unnecessarily gridlocked street. Three things need to happen here. The Department of Transportation needs to place a sign that states that U-turns are not allowed in front of the hospital, HPD needs to randomly enforce this and I am asking commuters to stop this practice. God forbid someone should need an emergency service and be blocked from it by commuters who don't see the bigger picture. I know there are long-running commuter issues in Ewa Beach but jeopardizing public safety is not a solution. Mahalo for your kokua, Jowena Manuhealani Moffis, RN