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The internet is changing and will continue to do so. More and more Online advertising vendors and networks are popping up all the time and the market is getting extremely competitive. So, how do you make sense of it all?

There are a number of basic rules that you should follow to make the most of your web media advertising plan.

   * Research the key target sites and opportunities relevant to your website and product range
   * Allocate a test budget for a trial period
   * Select from a number of different advertising media formats
   * Run a one month campaign and monitor the results accurately

When you have finished, you should be able to select from the best generators and increase your advertising budget for these according to trial return on investment.

So, where do you start and which formats do you choose?

Well, nobody seems to clicking on internet banner advertising for fun these days! However, don't ignore this form of Internet Advertising as some providers could give you 1% click through rate or higher. If your ads are displaying on a relevant media, then this will still give you a decent result.

Compared to magazine advertising rates, Online advertising does seem to offer good value for money. Of course, your media plan may also include magazine advertising and this may be a good vehicle for building brand and awareness. However, online now seems to have the edge, in terms of being able to track results and this is why more and more people are switching a high proportion of their ad budgets to the internet.

Do also consider to buy web site traffic from companies like, as this can be a great way of getting visitors to your site. This system works for thousands of companies around the world.

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