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Looking for something different? A Travel Company that wants to create travel experiences instead of standard tours? Would you love to visit Israel, but you can’t bear the thought of a tour bus or a fixed itinerary? Then the Israel Travel Company is for you! These travel experiences can now include all of Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

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Xin Chao & Warmest Greetings from Hanoi Office Sales & Marketing for Traextour Corporation!

Vietnam is now looking for the future and becoming “A destination for this millennium”

We are proud that Traextour is known as a reliable local tourist company in Vietnam; providing the highest quality and services to meet all guests’ traveling requirement with warm care and making a considerable contribution for the success of the Vietnam’s tourism

Established by the management of the really local experience and professional leaders, with enthusiastic, dynamic, self-motivated employees in the tourism field, Traextour has won confidence from clients from many different countries, cultures, religions as our team is ready to share a deep commitment to offer client a quality guidance and recommendations. Over the years we have successfully fulfilled the “on the ground” needs of our clients, and subsequently forged strong links with out partners throughout the world

In view of relationship and volume bookings with hoteliers and tourist suppliers, we are able to give most competitive rates in Vietnam. If you need the best services ground handler in Vietnam, Traextour is your smart choice as the mutual business partnership increasingly throughout the world! We promise on immediate answer upon receiving request and clarification and trust our best services at all times

You are pleased to visit us at and contact us directly for tours, package rates, hotels, transfers and the guidance for traveling to Vietnam as well as the useful travel documents and services. It is time for lucrative co-operation. We trust this letter of invitation finds you in prosperity

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to receiving your early reply. For further information, please feel free to contact the undersigned

With our best wishes for the success Truly yours,

Sales & Marketing Officer Nguyen

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