Category:Touch for Health

Touch for Health (TFH) uses Muscle Testing/Monitoring as a biofeedback tool for evaluating the state of the subtle energies in the body. An unlocking/inhibited/weak muscle indicates an imbalance in this energy or that a stressor is affecting the functionality of this muscle. TFH contains a wide variety of touch and other mind-body techniques that are used to stimulate the normal flow of the subtle bodily energies. A locking/facilitated/strong muscle indicates a normal state of energy. The goal is to have all muscles of the body locking properly. The common result is less pain (physical/motion/mental), increased relaxation, reduced stress and a general feeling of lightness is often reported.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the energetic meridian system, TFH is a modern synthesis with the muscle test, touch reflexes, goal-setting and the use of metaphors that are all used to restore the normal balance and homeostatis of the body. The muscle test provides an easy-to-learn tool that lay people as well as professional practitioners can learn and use these techniques that have been popularly used since the publication of the book, Touch for Health by Dr. John Thie in 1973.