EnovateIT is a proven market leader of mobile computerized systems integration dedicated to the healthcare sector. Accessibility to patient data is vital to improving patient care, safety and security. Electronic patient records, medication delivery systems, computerized physician order entry and nursing documentation systems are a few of the automated systems that EnovateIT successfully delivers to the point of care, the patient bedside.

Utilizing leading edge mobile cart systems, state of the art computerized work stations, sophisticated but simple to operate medication carts, as well as a compliment of wall arms solutions all designed to improve the critical acquisition, interpretation and transfer of patient data. This approach to the marketplace has lead EnovateIT to become involved in over 1,100 valued clients in meeting their crucial commitment to improving patient care.

EnovateIT not only offers the products to facilitate wireless mobile solutions but the services and support to make sure the implementation is a successful event. Headquartered in Ferndale, MI., Enovate IT has offices serving all areas of the country. The implementation of over 40,000 devices in the healthcare community has manifested itself in hospitals achieving the highest standards of patient care. EnovateIT is proud to be a part of that quantum improvement.

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