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Search Engine Optimisation describes the process by which websites are changed and linked to have their pages ranked higher on the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is the British spelling of the phrase "Search Engine Optimization".

Search Engine Optimisation can be divided into a number of key parts:

Search Phrase Selection

  • what words are people typing into the search engines that your website should rank high for
  • what is the competition for those phrases, what effort is required to match the competition

Onpage Optimisation - search phrase in the following

  • head tags of title, meta description, and meta keywords
  • body content of h1 tag, and opening paragraph

On site Optimisation

  • search phrase in internal links
  • PR distribution around the website
  • search engine friendly url's
  • one url per body of content (ie one domain, either the www or non www version of domain,...)
  • many pages that are well optimised so the long tail of search can work

Whole of web optimisation

  • links from related websites - both by category, product and region operated in
  • links from high Google PR, and "trusted" websites
  • links with the link text that the websites pages are targeting
  • links to internal pages of the website

The search engine algorithms are constantly being refined, but the main parts of the algorithm are still not well implemented by the internet community. Linking strategy becomes increasingly important for competitive search phrases.


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