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Nationwide, Everyone is saying that Mia Bella Gourmet Candles are The BEST smelling candles ever made! "When I received my first order from Scent-Sations, I got really excited because I could smell the candles even before I opened the box. I sat my candle on the table for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the scent even before I burned the candle.

When I finally lit the candle, I was amazed at the wonderful soft aroma and the way the candle burned so even! I couldn't wait to see how they cleaned up with soap and water, so I dipped some wax on the kitchen counter and was amazed at how easy it washed off. I kept the wicks trimmed and when that jar was burned to bottom, I couldn't believe I was still enjoying that wonderful aroma and that the jar was not black.

I removed the wax from the jar, took out the remainder of the wick and put the wax in a simmer pot to continue enjoying the wonderful aroma. ( Nothing gets thrown away. I even clean out the jars and take them to the local thrift store.) Not to mention the fact that I could burn these candles without getting headaches, as I have environmental allergies. I love candles, but was never able to really enjoy them until the Mia Bella. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I've been trying other "soy" and other alternative candles since the Mia Bella. The results are not the same. Most of the votives I've purchased start to crumble before I even get them home. The fragrance doesn't last to the end of the candle. And the aromas are not as soft and enjoyable as the Mia Bella candle.

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