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Promoted by doctors and beauty journalists, semi permanent make up uses a hygienic and safe technique to provide you with the ultimate convenience. Designed to enhance your appearance it has now become an essential treatment for those with todays busy life styles.

THE BENEFITS -Naturally enhances and improves features -Convenience every morning, saving time -Feel more confident in any situation -Improves and corrects scars and imperfections -Perfect for holidays and the beach -Ideal for sports enthusiasts, no more smudging -No need to re-apply make up

Semi permanent make up is achieved by applying pigment under the top layer of the dermis. The pigments are hygienic and safe and non reactive. The effect can last up to 5 years depending on the procedure and skin type. The choice of colours and styles are limitless. Joanna custom blends the pigments to suit individual needs.

FREE PATCH TEST AND CONSULTATION Before any permanent make up treatment is carried out it is important that the client has a patch test to ensure they are not allergic to the pigments being used (it is highly unlikely that a reaction will occur) Also Joanna provides a thorough consultation prior to treatment, which includes a health questionnaire.

THE TREATMENT Anaesthetic is applied to areas being treated for your comfort. Then the shape and shade are discussed in depth to be sure the client receives the desired look. Once the areas are treated the colour will appear slightly darker for a couple of days, but this soon softens. It is then recommended that you return for an inclusive follow up appointment 4 to 8 weeks later, to ensure that your permanent procedure is perfect. The following treatments are available;

LIP LINE / BLUSH / CONTOURING Lip liner is an effective way to enhance the shape of the mouth, or define the outer line. It is also the solution for uneven, thin or poorly shaped lips. Liners are an excellent way to create volume and symmetry, this is achieved by using a hint of colour or matching your favourite lip pencil. This is also a great solution for those who have trouble with there lipstick bleeding and a great way to cover scars (for example; hair lip).

EYEBROWS / ADVANCED HAIR TECHNIQUE This is a necessary treatment for those who have over plucked, have unsymmetrical or uneven brows. If your eyebrows are light in colour, too thin or sparse you will be surprised how much difference this will make to your overall face. Just by adding very fine individual hair strokes you can re create the natural brow. You can also add depth and shape to the brows. Those who have suffered with hair loss as a result of alopecia or illness will benefit incredibly.

EYE LASH ENHANCER / EYE LINER Having enhancers and eyeliners really do bring out the eyes and emphasise their colour. Eyelashes can be made to look thicker or fuller, with the application of a very fine natural line between the lashes. Alternatively for a more dramatic look, fine or thicker eyeliner can be applied. This is perfect for replacing the daily application of eye pencil. This treatment is especially recommended for those who have highly sensitive, watery eyes or wearers of contact lenses.

AFTERCARE The aftercare routine is easy to follow; Joanna will fully explain the recommended steps to each client, whilst also providing written guidelines to ensure optimum results. As part of the aftercare it is recommended that a new pot of petroleum jelly is purchased prior to treatment, ready for use.

[[1]]Joanna Twyman [2] is top of her field and highly regarded as a specialist in semi permanent make up, having a wealth of knowledge within the beauty industry. Commencing in 1992 she went on to set up her own beauty salon in 1994. Specialising in many areas from this time, including make-up and advanced medical aesthetics procedures.--~~Joanna Twyman~~

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