Hiring a Moving Company or Renting a Truck

If you are not sure wether to hire a moving company or attempt the job yourself, Your not alone. This article will break down the benefits and benefits of both routes.

The first question you must ask yourself, what is more valuable; money or time or a little of both. The most important one will ultimately answer the question.

First things 1st

How much needs moved? The first question most professional will ask “How many bedrooms?" This is a great way to estimated the size of a shipment.

Amount that will fit in a rental truck:

  • 26' will move 4+ bedrooms
  • 24' will move 3-4 bedrooms
  • 17' will move 2-3 bedrooms
  • 14' will move 1-2 bedrooms
  • 10' will move an apartment

Moving Distance? Rental truck companies can give you the cost to move from A to B (one-way or return). Watch Out! Moving one way may increase the rate over %50.

Extra Fees? Gas and mileage costs may add to the estimated cost? You must add these cost to the compare the actual rates between renting and hiring. Now that you have all the informationa and costs on renting a truck its time to call some moving companies and see what they have to offer. Many times the best thing to do is request an estimator to come out and view the shipment. You can also look for online quotes from companies such as; however make sure the companies you speek to here are reputable and ask for a contract.

Once you have the costs on both routes its time to compare. If cost is the only factor you may have already made decision. Now if time is important to you, then you can also weigh the various options in between; from hiring a company to pack, load and ship, unload and unpack your goods, to hiring a company just to load, ship and unload your household or to do it all yourself. Here are some final thoughts to help close your decision:

Remember to factor packing time, loading your things and driving it all to your new destination.

  • Do you have a"reliable" help? Friends, family, neighbors or colleagues that can lend a hand? Often helpers backing out at the last second can cause a huge problem.
  • Do you have fragile or special items that will require special handling? Can you move these items yourself? If not, what will it cost to move them?
  • Will you need to rent additional equipment/supplies/hired-hands to move larger items such as appliances?
  • Are you going to be able to move the items without damaging them?
  • Are you aware of hidden costs, such as additional insurance or packing supplies?
  • And one last piece of advice: no matter what you decide to do, save all your receipts and make sure you claim your move (if possible) on your tax return.
  • Tips to make the entire move smoother.
  • Save all your moving receipts and documents in a safe place. You will also need these for tax savings.
  • Update your drivers licenses and tags. Don't forget to register to vote. Most states will ask you when applying for new driver's license.

Make sure all companies you deal with know your new address, forwarding time is limited. Request a copy of any medical records that you might need from your previous doctors or dentists.

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