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Hot Tub And Tips To Maintain It

Most of us enjoy the pleasure of sinking in a hot tub - more so during winters or after a day of hard work. How about an hour of splashing during weekends? Follow some of the tips given below to keep your hot tub spick and span.

  • Regularly follow the maintenance procedures which include regulation of sanitizer levels.
  • Keep a check on the Ph level of the tub by utilizing the dealer prescribed chemicals.
  • Maintain the water line using water cleaning paste and top it up if required.
  • Regularly use No-foaming lotion in the tub to decrease foam in the hot tub.
  • Check the calcium hardness of the water to correct hardness of the water by using prescribed chemicals as suggested by the dealer.

Hot tub is great stress buster and thus it is very essential to maintain it properly to avoid developing any health complications.

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