Dear Warner Brothers! I have just purchased over $200 of HD-DVD movies and documentaries this weekend. I have a very good HD-DVD player and have no plans to buy a Blu-Ray player for several years, if ever, because I like the format and should only have to upgrade my technology ONE time. There are many like me. Go into any store that still stocks both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and see which shelves sell out first. It's always the HD_DVD side! In fact, I've never seen a Blu-Ray stock sell out or even appear to deminish. To put this in business terms, there will ALWAYS be More Blu-Ray PLUS HD-DVD customers out there than either Blu_Ray or HD-DVD by itself. You are cheating yourselves out of a market by limiting yourselves to one format, even if Sony paid you a bunch of money as a one-time deal. Just like XBOX, PC games, Nintendo, and other gaming formats, 10 years from now, your DVD revenue will be much higher if you continue to market in all formats. Okay, you signed a contract, but (1) it probably was for a limited time, and (2), there may be ways out of it--check with your lawyers.

Thanks! _dennis in new york.

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