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This is a practical solution for pilots looking to solo sooner- don't waste countless hours pouring over vast amounts of printed text hoping to find the answers, they're all here. You don't even need to open your books.

This website provides an online version of the PSTAR Exam designed to help you prepare for the actual exam administered by a Transport Canada regional office or at an authorized flight training unit. All student pilots must pass the PSTAR Exam with a grade of 90% before going solo.

The PSTAR Practice Exam contained in this site is completely interactive. All 200 questions that may appear on the actual PSTAR Exam are provided, and instant feedback is given in response to your answers confirmming correctness. All of the relavent reference material from the AIP and Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) is provided online, and highlighted for you so that you'll know you've found the right information. Through-out the PSTAR Practice Exam, visual examples are also provided in order to help clarify thinking and interrelationships between the text and real life.

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