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Acecomp Plus is a web development company co-owned by Michael Taylor and Max Sheppard. Acecomp Plus is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada a suburb of Toronto. Acecomp Plus has worked with several small, medium and large businesses to make their web vision a reality.


Acecomp Plus was originally founded by Michael Taylor of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on Nov 15 1997. Prior to Acecomp Plus Michael worked for a large international company for 11 years and was directly involved with the addition of internet access for all branch offices and the company’s first web presence. He has been involved in internet development, computer administration, security, networking, programming and related work since 1989.

In Sept of 1999 Max Sheppard a long time friend of Michael Taylor joined Acecomp Plus as a co-owner. Max brings over 10 years of design, layout and development experience. Prior to Acecomp Plus Max was the head designer at a large print company and over saw all the design and pre-press work.

Acecomp Plus started to grow and gain popularity in the business world in 1998 with the release of IBEEM CMS and their meticulously designed sites. Today Acecomp Plus is one of the oldest development companies on the internet offering design, development, content management, e-commerce and hosting solutions.

Acecomp Plus has been very active in developing a full network of services for the online community.


Acecomp Plus was formed in 1997 to create the type of stunningly brilliant work that most design firms hesitate to put the effort into. Acecomp Plus wanted to give people more – more for their money, more than what they expected, and all with more customer service than they were accustomed to.

Acecomp Plus accomplished these goals and they haven’t looked back. They have built on their initial dream, taking the high expectations and talent to all mediums, and providing clients with much more than they expected. Acecomp Plus has helped many companies take the next step in effective on-line and traditional marketing and presence development.


IBEEM (Internet Business Electronic Exchange Modules) is a web-based content management system developed by Acecomp Plus. IBEEM has made it easy for non web users to establish a professional online presence by combining IBEEM into their web infrastructure.



Acecomp Plus has worked with several companies in the following industries. Automotive and Transportation, Computers and Software, Construction/Industrial, Consulting and Corporate Services, Design, Marketing, and Advertising, Entertainment and Media Production, Food and Beverage, Financial Services, Government and Non-Profit, Manufacturing/Distributors, Personal Care, Printing and Publishing, Real Estate, Recruiting and Placement, Shopping & Services and Wholesalers.

Client List

Other Interests - Web based portal for matching home and business owners to contractors. - Web based portal for matching singles.
IBEEM - Internet Business Electronic Exchange Modules Management System
MrPopularity - Web based portal that includes website and SEO Tools
LinkallNetwork - Web based portal network offering directory service in various industries.


Acecomp Plus is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada a suburb of Toronto.


6255 Camgreen Circle
Mississauga ON L5N 4M5 Canada


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