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iBEEM content management and Web content management system is a scalable full-featured CMS




Short for “Internet Business Electronic Exchange Modules” it’s a browser-based management system.

Internet Business Electronic Exchange Modules

IBEEM (Internet Business Electronic Exchange Modules) is a web-based management system developed by Acecomp Plus. IBEEM has made it easy for non web users to establish a professional online presence by combining IBEEM into their web infrastructure.


IBEEM is a full-featured Management System that is fully scalable and can be customized to specific requirements. IBEEM CMS Standard Edition was designed with the small business in mind and includes some of the same tools as the Enhanced and Premium Content Management Solutions. IBEEM's user interface has been setup to allow organizations to easily manage content. The Rich text editor includes tools similar to those found in many word processing applications like Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Sun Office Suite.

IBEEM Content Manager Solution also supports linked files, image uploads, templates with editable/non-editable regions, Metatags Manager and more. IBEEM CMS enables businesses to easily produce content throughout the entire website and efficiently deliver their content through multiple channels, while maximizing the value of their content with real-time management and deployment. IBEEM E-Commerce Editions are full-featured ECOM systems that are fully scalable.


IBEEM was originally released on Nov 15 1998.The programming for earlier versions of IBEEM (prior to version 1.7) was a combination of programming languages including HTML, VB Scripting and Java Scripting running on an access database. With the long awaited release of IBEEM version 2.0 on Aug 15 2000 comes several advanced features including a high volume database, e-commerce and online merchant interrogation.

IBEEM version 3.0 released Mar 1 2002 included new editions to the IBEEM family of applications which included IBEEM CMS (Content Management System), IBEEM EMS (E-Commerce Management System, IBEEM ECMS (E-Commerce & Content Management System) and IBEEM Intranet.

IBEEM Version 4.0 was released Oct 1 2004 and now included a few more additions to the IBEEM Family starting with the Standard Edition for lower volume sites. The Enhanced Edition with more features or medium volume site and Premium Edition for more advanced options and higher volume sites.

IBEEM Version 5.0 was released Feb 1 2007 IBEEM has continued to advance and is currently in version 5.0 which was released Feb 1 2007.

IBEEM Family

IBEEM CMS (Content Management System)
IBEEM EMS (E-Commerce Management System)
IBEEM ECMS (E-Commerce & Content Management System)
IBEEM Intranet (Intranet is a Centralize Office Collaboration and Information Management Application)
IBEEM ECMS+I (IBEEM Centralized Enterprise Application)


Browser-based anywhere Web publishing, no technical skills required using the WYSIWYG rich-text content editor including easily cut and paste content.

Future Development

Acecomp Plus is continuing to advance the features of IBEEM and are currently working on IBEEM Version 6.0.

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