Bus.net is a full service advertising agency company in New Haven


Bus Design Co.


Bus Design offers a perfect fit and expert attention to your ongoing needs. While other companies dole out the same software to every client, regardless of project specifications, we use our fully flexible, first-in-the-field Internet survey software, SurveySoft

by Bus Design, to create market research solutions as unique as your clients' needs. For each project, a team of experts is dedicated to your web survey from start to finish, tailoring it to fit and finding innovative solutions to any challenge. And we don't stop there. With off-the-shelf software, it's up to you to set it up, maintain a server, sustain an Internet connection, and resolve the problems that inevitably arise. We do all of that for you.

No one else can offer the combination of powerful technology, superior service and affordability that we do. Your clients don't just want software from a box; they want someone who will provide a web survey to meet their particular research needs, get it up and running and stick around to make sure it stays that way. The perfect web survey - now that's real satisfaction.

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35 Elm St
New Haven CT 06510 US


Odonnell, Chuck
+1 203 401 4603

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