As the Apple Turns: Bringing New Meaning To The Phrase "Psychotic Episodes."


Well, let's see... the marketing fluff says that As the Apple Turns is a "humorous take on the daily news and rumors in the turbulent world of Apple Computer." In reality, it's pretty much just some guy spouting off about whatever's on his mind, assuming it's vaguely Mac-related. He's been doing this since September of 1997, and the kids seem to like it, so he doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon.

AtAT takes the form of a soap opera, because the impetus behind its original creation was all the doom-and-gloom reporting about "beleaguered Apple" in the dark days of 1997. If someone at Apple sneezed, suddenly the press was full of stories about how Apple would be gone within six months. We originally wanted to create a parody of that attitude, and give Mac users something to laugh at in a time when laughter was hard to come by. These days Apple and the Mac platform are much better off, but there's still no end of drama to be enjoyed-- particularly with iCEO Steve at the helm.

So, each weekday, AtAT broadcasts a new episode, chock full of melodramatic goodness and with a full recommended daily allowance of sarcasm, satire, and stuff we just make up. If you're looking for hard news and actual journalism, change the channel. We're just here to have fun.

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The site is currently off-line having recieved no update since 2005.




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