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Welcome to the Allen Learning Portal

The Allen Learning Portal is a powerful, robust, web-delivered learning management system with all the core functionality of larger LMSes, sans the bells and whistles—or the price tag. As a result, you’ll have plenty of budget left over for what matters most: learning.


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Our Philosophy

In 1981, the Allens were searching for innovative methods to more effectively develop and deploy learning. That’s when they brainstormed an industry first: video-based training. By hacking together an Apple IIe and a videodisc player, then developing software to run the player through the Apple, they made their first foray into what would later be known as e-learning.

From that moment until today, we’ve had our hand in defining and developing learning technology. Yet, we know that technology is never an end of itself. Rather, our goal is to focus less on specific technologies, and more on delivering the most appropriate learning, regardless the method of delivery and management.


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