Adobe PDF commonly referred as PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a format created by Adobe. A PDF document is read by an application called Acrobat reader developed by Adobe Systems. Earlier, when PDF was introduced in 1990, it was not very popular because of lack of basic functionalities in it like use of hyperlinks, printing support, etc. But with passage of time, Adobe systems started to make development in their product called Adobe Acrobat Reader that was meant to read the PDF document.

With many new improvements in Acrobat Reader, people started to like the PDF format created by Adobe Systems. One of the beneficial factors of PDF was that anyone could create PDF without the permission of Adobe and without having to pay them the royalty. The PDF format had undergone many changes and eight new version of PDF were introduced since 1990. The latest version of pdf supported password security, DRM security, compression of data, dynamic PDF forms, etc.

These new features in PDF lead to extreme usage of PDF by many people around the world. Now, the PDF document was considered to be more secure than any other document because of introduction of DRM (Digital Rights Management) in PDF. Under DRM, none could peep into the PDF files without having the right from the owner. Also, it was almost impossible to break the DRM security as it was 128 bit secured. Once a person tried to break the DRM security implemented by Adobe Systems and he was successful but when Adobe Systems came to know about it, he was forced to remove all the instances of his application and was dragged to the court. Also, all the websites that published his product were forced to remove his products from their websites or they will have to face huge problems along with losses.

Advantages of PDF

  • Enhanced security -- The PDF format contained a more enhanced level of security whereby no user could break the security of PDF files.
  • Introduction of DRM -- With introduction of DRM security in PDF format, it became impossible to break the security of pdf files protected with DRM, without having the rights from the owner. Also, it was not possible to access the file without having the required permissions from the owner. Unless of course you print to XPS or postscript and then you have an unprotected copy of the file. Or use screen grabbers if printing is disallowed. Or just share your login details with the world and his wife. Apart from that it is REALLY secure.
  • Supports Compression -- The new pdf format supports of compression of data. Since, the text in PDF is stored in form of images; it was easier to compress the data by compressing the images without having to lose the quality of the images or the text.
  • Support for Dynamic forms -- Dynamic forms are the one in which user can enter data and save to their system or email the same to any other person. The new format of PDF also supported dynamic forms with much more flexibility and creativity.

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