Aaron Poeze

I am Me. Sounds obvious doesn't it but it's amazing how many are not themselves.


Aaron Poeze

This is my picture of the kind one normally attaches to Chinese medicine packages or pasta sauce bottles. Did I mention devilishly attractive?

  • Name: Aaron Poeze
  • Location: Adelaide, Australia
  • Gender: Male


Online Social Tools

  • Facebook - You love kitty videos as much as I do? Facebook is popular so I can connect to many through it. Pity such connection seems to add little value. Please include a note if you decide to add me.
  • Twitter - I don't get it. A lot of time and I just don't know enough people for it to work. Update: I still don't get it but think I'm getting hooked.
  • Blog - I have an unpopular self exploring blog mostly covering personal issues,Iraq, FOSS or whatever strikes my fancy at the time.
  • MSN - Ask me by email for the MSN address, I don't need more spam.
  • Lijit - I don't even know what this does. It seems to link together various web 2.0 services as a search wijit.
  • Digg - I joined a little while ago. So far I have yawned.
  • Diigo - Just joined them in hope to replace magnolia. Finally got bookmarks imported. Seems feature rich. Very annoying inability to edit bookmark urls.

Some Thinking Patterns

  • Long, stifling but perhaps helpful formal education.
  • Scientific, engineering left brain form of education.
  • Liberal with a recent very heavy conservative bath. Likely to be seen as moderate overall.
  • Freedom is important to me in a very broad context.

Formal Education

  • Full Australian formal kindergarten, junior primary, primary and high school.
  • Chemical Engineering bachelor degree, first class Honours.
  • Incomplete PhD on low-rank(read low quality or brown) coal.

How did I Get Here

It's all Fridemar's fault. He reserved this space for me and showed the benefits of applying ExtremeOpenBusiness within AboutUs

Current Focus

How to 'make a living', caring for children, finding out who I am, online and offline communication, social connection, learning linux, spirituality.

Current Focus in AboutUs

Discovering wikis, online and offline communication, make some friends and/or contacts, ExtremeOpenBusiness.

Comments & Discussions

Note to Self and any others who happen along: The DateTimeStamp is produced by writing 4 tilde signs (squiggles) Aaron Poeze 22:28, 27 February 2009 (PST)

Value Statement

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