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Examples of Integrated Production Systems

SHC in a US City

Economics of Integrated Production

Multiple Use Designs

Sustainable Designs

Grass Powered Greenhouse

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Building the Hydrogen Economy

George Chan's Integrated Farm Management Systems [1]

The Upward Spiral [2]

Bill Mollison [3]

Greening the Desert [4]

Michael Pollan [5]

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Hey brother. Nice idea with the green chicken pen, I have imagined similar things in the past. The way i see things the plan has a fundamental flaw, in that you have created a clever way to manipulate and kill one species so you can feed another so you can kill and eat it. Thats a whole lot of effort brother, and all it results in is destruction. It is a myth that "we need to eat protein", it is not true. Killing animals, and all it does is kill your energy. Since you invited me to share in a story telling, I would like to tell the story of how humans came to live in peace, and a major part of that is in treating the earth and all the beings here with some fucking respect! My story. No killing animals, no killing plants, no killing seeds, giving life to all, and all live will give its gift to my garden, and I will eat what is give to me, and plant the seeds in exchange. I will walk in the garden daily, being one with the earth

David: Thank you for your thoughts, brother. I wish you had left a name so we could discuss it further. I don't following how eating plants and seeds is not killing plants and seeds. And yes, we need to eat protein - just not necessarily animal protein . . . Anyway, I like the idea of the daily walk in the garden . . .

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